Recycled to L.O.V.E.

Do you know how lovely you are? 

SoulBites and Nowa created the L.O.V.E. you necklace and bracelet. It's your reminder to stay true to your Lust for life, Originality, Voice, and Energy.

With your purchase, you bring some more L.O.V.E. to this world:

1) you contribute to less e-waste worldwide. Every piece of our jewelry is handmade, locally produced and made of 100% gold and silver from 24 recycled mobile phones, collected in Africa. 

2) you invest in self-love programs at high schools. All proceeds from the L.O.V.E. you jewelry collection will go to Kikid Foundation. This charity teaches self-love at high schools through creative programs. 

So buying this beautiful jewelry makes it an act of L.O.V.E. for yourself, the planet, and the people on it. 

photo: Pippa by Emil Goshani, Beeldsprekend