SoulBites X NoWa “L.O.V.E. you” jewelry

Together with NoWa we have created the L.O.V.E. you jewelry collection. 

This is WHY:

we wanted to help:

  • Reduce e-waste from mobile phones
  • Reuse precious materials like silver and gold from e-waste mobiles
  • Bring more self-love in this world


This is HOW:

  • We co-created a beautiful collection of a necklace and a bracelet in silver and gold.
  • It comes in a NoWa box, together with 9 SoulBites cards (both of recycled paper) 
  • The SoulBites cards contain uplifting self-love messages and art.
  • We support Kikid Foundation with 100% of the profits. This charity teaches self-love to youngsters at high schools with creative programs.
  • NoWa does all order fulfillment, our system connects with their order system.


This is WHAT happened:

  • We highlighted NoWa and the collection on our social media pages, for multiple times
  • We got covered by a Dutch radio station, Sublime FM {linkto press Sublime}
  • We got covered by the New York Times in an article about circular jewelry {linkto press New York Times}
  • Sales is growing and we expect to do a first donation to Kikid early 2023