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SoulBites X U-INC: BIG HUG

SoulBites X U-INC: BIG HUG

SoulBites and U-INC created the BIG HUG collection, a statement collection of 50 upcycled vintage sweaters that calls for more hugs. Research shows, that hugs are essential to our well-being and provide feelings of connectedness and belonging. Especially if the hug lasts for more than 5 seconds. Our BIG HUG limited collection wants to initiate more hugging and supports well-being projects, while reducing fashion waste.

About the BIG HUG collection

All 50 vintage sweaters are unique and from quality brands like Fruit of the Loom and Hanes. We handpicked them ourselves, so they are from good quality. They are upcycled with a sustainably handprinted BIG on one arm and HUG on the other, and a little SoulBites logo on the heart. The collection is for both men and women, sizes range from S to XXL and they come in multiple colors. A BIG HUG sweater costs 70,00 EUR, of which 100% goes to The Present Movement, a charity active in the field of well-being for people and planet. You can view and buy the collection here. We will soon come with a second batch of this collection. If you would like to receive updates on that, say


The power of hugs – the more you hug, the more you heal

During the pandemic, one of the things people missed most was getting hugged, according to Psychology Today. This led to research about the positive effects of hugging. Hugs not only have a significant social impact; they have health and mental benefits as well. Hugs reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, calm muscles, release dopamine, and build trust. The more you hug, the more you heal. And it’s a generous gesture: one hug serves at least two people. The length of a hug is important: It takes a minimum of 5 seconds for maximum impact. And the more, the better for your well-being: ideally 8 hugs a day.

This world needs a group hug

“We think this world needs a group hug, so we started SoulBites.” says SoulBites Founder Odette van Zijdveld. “Our collections follow our principals of L.O.V.E. meaning Local, Original, Vintage and Eco. This collection ticks all those boxes, as a L.O.V.E. in action statement, showing that you are open for connection and know that change starts with you. This BIG HUG collection invites for more hugging and more upcycling while supporting a charity that gives this world a group hug.”

Hyper-connected yet disconnected

“In today's hyper-connected world, it may seem ironic that more and more people are suffering from a lack of connection and feel lonely and sad.” says Laurens Franssen, founder of U-INC and co-creator and concept developer of the BIG HUG collection. “We believe people should connect more in the real world to turn this around. Giving a BIG HUG is a great start, and we wanted this collection to invite just for that. I am really proud of this collection. Not only because it matters to the person wearing it, and the world around this individual, but also because the profits support well-being projects from The Present, while reducing fashion waste.”

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