We are

We are SoulBites. Sharing L.O.V.E.

SoulBites started July 2019 on Instagram with the page @instasoulbites. The idea was to give this world a group hug with words & art with soul.

In January 2021, SoulBites Foundation started with the goal to increase the L.O.V.E. level in this world: love for ourselves, each other, and the planet. We support businesses and charities doing just this.

With our activities, we help social businesses making this world a better place with products & services that fit our vision of L.O.V.E. - meaning Local, Original, Vintage, Eco. The profits of our collections will go to charities teaching self-love at schools or supporting children in difficult situations to find their self-love again.

Our first collection is the "Recycled to L.O.V.E." jewelry collection together with www.thisisnowa.com. A unique, handmade collection with our SoulBites icon from recycled silver and gold out of waste mobile phones. This icon is all about self-love, something we feel is the basis of everything good. We have dedicated 100% of our "Recycled to L.O.V.E." jewelry collection profits to www.kikid.nl - they teach self-love at high schools with interactive programs. 

If you want to work with us, have an idea or suggestion, please make sure to say hello@soulbites.com. If you want to join our community on the various socials, just check out the icons on this page. 


ps: we are Odette van Zijdveld, Mette Flink, Sinéad Branagan, Iris de Waard & André van Zijdveld and SoulBites is our passion project.